Castle Ale - bottle 4.3% abv

                     cask 4.2% abv

A marvellous light ale, vibrant and refreshing. A beautifully balanced golden ale with a light malt taste and a crisp dry hop finish

As much an essential part of our heritage as our castle; enjoy with good food and friends





Gloriette - bottle 4.7% abv

                   cask 4.5% abv

A traditional English Best Bitter with a fine balance of malt and hops, bursting with flavour from natural, quality ingredients

Gloriette; the great banqueting hall in Corfe Castle where guests were entertained by jugglers, musicians and dancers






Raven - bottle 3.9% abv

               cask 4.2% abv


A smooth and rich, deliciously comforting blend of roasted malts and traditional English hops producing a perfect porter

Celebrating the return of the Ravens to Corfe Castle after 400 years; their presence seen as a good omen since Medieval times





Sovereign - bottle 4.9% abv

                      cask 4.5% abv

A refreshingly complex taste sensation, from a generous mix of malts and hops. Brewed using the best natural ingredients producing a marvellously full flavoured golden ale, with a dry finish

Truly Sovereign, Corfe Castle has been a seat of kings from Roman to Medieval times