Our Philosophy...

We believe in purchasing local whole food and we limit our exposure wherever possible to chemicals and the processed food industry. We produced our beers with the same philosophy, using only natural ingredients (as beer was originally produced) with no additives.


We believe that hand crafting beers with no chemical content is real 'Real Ale'. Supplying casked beer with no added carbonation is only part of the whole story.


Our water at Bucknowle Farm is specially conditioned by removing the permanent hardness using reverse osmosis to create the purest water possible for our brewing liquor. We then add only naturally occuring minerals to create the brewing liquor profiles of the water used for brewing particular styles. We use two styles; Munich water for our light beers and Burton water for the dark beers.


Our malts are sourced from Warminster Maltings. This is one of only a few remaining floor maltings within the UK and probably the world. The base malt used is Maris Otter and is reputed to be one of the best maritime malts available.


During the boil we add only whole hops after the hot break for bittering and for flavouring towards the end of the boil. We add Irish moss, a natural sea weed, for finings during the boil.


Our beers are triple hopped, the first hops are added after the hot break, the late hops added towards the end of the boil. We add hops again in the hopback for additional flavouring and filtering.


We use a British yeast that flocculates well and produces a full flavoured beer which we top crop to ensure only the strongest yeast is harvested. The final ingredient when racking our beer to cask is the traditional Isinglass, from Murphy & Son, to achieve a bright clear beer.


Our beer is then stored in cold storage at approx 4 degrees C, for a minimum of four weeks to naturally produce 2.5 volumes of carbonisation before being sold.