Brewery Plant For Sale - Call 01929 480730 or 07917 324450

Three Phase Steam Boiler close coupled to the Copper which has a stainless steel loop inside to heat the wort to the boil

The Brewery Plant comprises of the following;


A wood clad insulated 10 Barrel Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tank with 3 off Three Phase heaters fitted. Two are used for heating at any one time, with a spare that can be switched in if necessary.


Wood clad insulated 20 Barrel Stainless Steel Mash Tun, with a four segmented Edge Wire False Bottom which can easily be removed for cleaning. This is a very heavy duty false bottom and will comfortably take the weight of the operator.


Stainless Steel Grain Hopper.


Wood Clad Stainless Steel Underback


Three Phase Fulton Boiler. This was working before being de-commissioned but will require servicing by a trained boiler technician.


Ten Barrel Stainless Steel Copper with an integral stainless steel loop for the steam to heat the wort to the boil.


Heat Exchanger and associated stainless steel pipes


Three Stainless Steel Fermentation Tuns. These are English style open top fermentors and not conicals.


Cooling unit and new three phase compressor

plus ancillary stainless steel pipes and three phase pumps


The plant is de-commissioned ready for the buyer to collect.

The Mash Tun is very robust allowing for the operator to step in to clean the remaining mash and to remove the false floor which comprises of four sectors that can removed for cleaning.